About us

It ain’t about us, it’s about you!

Your style is a statement that cannot be confined within the boundaries of accessibility, price, or time.

BlingFeed simply works on those hurdles to enables you go beyond and reach out to what you wish for.

Go Beyond.

Fashion has no boundaries, why should you?

BlingFeed’s global platform bring to you the latest trends and products from around the world so you don’t wait and watch others trend.

Shop Smart.

It’s your money, why pay more?

Most likely, the latest trend or product you want is being manufactured in a different country at a fraction of the cost. Our global platform enables you to buy the latest trends and products from the manufacturers & retailer around the world with Free Shipping to get you better value for your money.

It's Precious.

Your time is precious, why spend more?

BlingFeed's Styling Department carefully picks the latest trends to give you a curated collection, so you spend less time on searching and more time on trending. 

Go Trend.

Leftovers ain't trendy, why pick one?

Seasonal sales make you wait and sells what the world has left behind. BlingFeed ensures you get great deals on the latest trends, throughout the year.

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